Stijn Jans & Jean-Francois Simons

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What did we learn from running a bug bounty program over 6 months

During this track you can learn how to integrate bug bounty in your Security Lifecycle Process,  and Brussels Airlines will share what value bug bounty brought to them in their first 6 months of running one

Stijn is the founder of intigriti, a crowdsourced security platform where security researchers meet and communicate with companies in a safe way. Previous to his role at intigriti, Stijn founded the Security Factory. The Security Factory is a security consultancy company with its main focus on penetration testing.

Jean-François Simons is responsible for Information Security at the Belgian Airline, Brussels Airlines. Jean-François appreciates working on vision and strategy but always kept a high interest in understanding the underlying details. He highly values human contact and likes to work in an international, multi-cultural environment. The security roadmap of Brussels Airlines was extended with bug bounty to enhance the security posture and Jean-Francois will share some insights and learnings during this slot with you.

Stijn Jans, intigriti
Jean-Francois Simons, Brussels Airlines

Michael Lombarts