Joeri Barbier


Why Security is no longer an option

We are constantly hearing about high-profile cyber-attacks in the media. A successful cyber security attack can range from a temporary inconvenience for your business to a national, or international, catastrophe. Without a strategic security investment, the extent of the impact is dependent only on the intent, resources and capability of protagonists. This presentation will provide you with detailed insights and solutions to monitor, assess and react to attacks on your network, applications, web servers and any device connected to it.

Joeri Barbier is a seasoned security leader with a passion for information security. He has over 20 years of IT experience in the areas of programming, networking, security architecture, portfolio management, business development and security leadership. He joined Getronics in 2006 as Subject Matter Expert Security and developed himself into a security leader, looking and considering the wide business picture. He has numerous successes to his name, one of them being the carve-out from KPN, building out the whole security infrastructure from scratch again for the global Getronics organization, which still stands today and is under constant development. One of the last successes was the achievement of ISO27001:2013 and ISAE3402 certification for the Getronics BeLux organization.

CISO BeLux @ Getronics