Kristof Dewulf & Lien Keulemans


Privacy Barometer based on 100+ projects

Based on the insights of 100+ privacy projects, Cranium presents the top trends in how organizations deal with personal data today.

Kristof is a passionate consultant with over 10 years professional experience, specialized in data protection, privacy and cyber security management matters. He has extensive knowledge of related (control) frameworks and experience in reporting to senior management. Within Cranium, he fulfills the role of Business Unit Director, responsible for a wide range of clients and projects in multiple industries. 

Lien is an entrepreneur with 15 years of professional experience. She started as an IT consultant in complex international environments. About 4 years ago, Lien founded the company Krinos Academy, specialized in Information security awareness: awareness campaigns, email phishing, eLearning portfolio, social engineering... . She joined forces with Cranium where she currently holds a position as Business Unit Director. 

Business Unit Directors @ Cranium

Michael LombartsData Security, GDPR