Pieter Van Goethem


It's time to start winning the war: Offensive defense strategies, kicking ass on your own turf.

Tired of chasing bad guys after an incident? Curious to see how to make a hacker cry those fabled unicorn rainbow tears whilst he's trying to make sense of it all? In this presentation we'll discuss topics like how to apply Sun Tzu's good old fashioned art of war to the field of cybersecurity, because that's what it is: A war. Not just any war, but one that the defensive side has been losing over and over again. But no longer, it's payback time!

Pieter likes to "hack all the things", during his dayjob at Nynox he does plenty of that. Next to that you may find this rare pokemon during community events such as BruCON, OWASP and others. 

Security Consultant @ Nynox, part of Cronos Security