Ken Ducatel


The impact of cloud on IT Security

Cloud computing brings advantages and challenges to the IT Security team. A good cloud computing service provider lifts the burden of a lot of routine cyber hygiene actions. But you cannot outsource liability – you still have to take care. In particular, careful consideration is needed to make sure that the system owner is clear about the remaining responsibilities for security patching and vulnerability management: not all cloud options have the same ITSEC implications. In addition, the cloud service needs to be set up to perform when bad things happen. For example in a hybrid environment pre-agreements on monitoring feeds, the collection of logs and the ability to capture forensic images of infected systems may be essential for a full investigation of incidents.

Meeting Europe's Cybersecurity Challenge Together: policy and operational actions

This presentation will cover the recent proposals regarding cyber cooperation in the EU, drawing on the cyber security strategy, the ENISA regulation proposal, the blueprint and the renewed mandate for CERT-EU. The operational side of the activities of the CERT-EU will also be covered.

Ken Ducatel is the Director of the IT Security Directorate in DG DIGIT in the European Commission. This newly created Directorate (2016) is reinforcing the IT Security capability and resources in the Commission to meet the rising threat of cybersecurity, as cyber-attacks have not only increased exponentially but have also become more sophisticated and harder to detect. Since August 1st, 2017, he is also Acting Head of CERT-EU, the Commission's Crisis and Emergency Response Team. He is appointed member of the ENISA Management Board since 2014. Ken has worked on information society policy for thirty years, holding different functions in the European institutions since 1997, including member of the Cabinet of Commissioner Reding (2004-2008) and Head of Unit in DG CONNECT. Ken holds a PhD in economic geography from Bristol University and an MSc in transport policy from Cranfield University in the UK. He was a member of the Faculty of  University of Manchester for 14 years. 

IT-Security Director of DG DIGIT European Commission

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