Pierre Ansel


Threat hunting: tracking down APT by large-scale analysis of indicators of compromise

How to expose the hardest-to-detect cyberthreats when real-time cybersecurity supervision and threat intelligence are not enough? Thales explains how Big Data technologies can track down sophisticated APTs by harvesting forensic evidence from thousands of computers and servers, changing the ground rules for analysing indicators of compromise as well as making information system health assessments easier and significantly improving attack detection.

After being graduated from the École Polytechnique and Télécom ParisTech in 2005, Pierre Ansel  held several positions as a cybersecurity research engineer at the Orange Labs. From 2011 onwards, he joined the French national Cybersecurity agency (ANSSI ) where he actively contributed to the ramp-up of its security monitoring capabilities and then the Cyber Defence Operation division. He was also involved in the definition and the implementation of the ANSSI’s Threat Intelligence processes.  Since early 2016, as Thales cybersecurity consulting Director, he manages the Cyber-Security Practice related to threat hunting, incident response, penetration testing and reverse engineering activities.

Cyber Security Consulting Director @ Thales