Maxim Deweerdt & Michel Coene


Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is time consuming, costly and highly specialized. This session will aim to contradict this and show that you can start threat hunting by leveraging free tools and clever techniques. While proactive threat identification is getting traction within the security industry, it is often seen as something that can only be achieved by investing in specialized threat hunting software.

Maxim Deweerdt is a certified Incident Response and Digital Forensics (DFIR) Expert. Maxim has been an early adopter of the threat hunting mentality and has been helping clients, governments and SME’s to start with threat hunting activities. Deweerdt speaks passionately throughout his presentations and is able to enrich them with real-world scenarios and examples.

Cyber Analyst @

Michel Coene is a technical security consultant working for the Belgian security company NVISO. At NVISO Michel focuses on incident response and assists clients with their threat hunting efforts.

Technical Security Consultant @ NVISO