Erik Geensen

It’s a Cloud, not a Closet

The Cloud: a tool to skyrocket your company into the next digital, AI and IOT generation. Add ‘DevOps’ to this sentence and you have about 99% of todays IT conference-topics covered. And still, many companies use the Cloud as a static and passive tool; a closet in which you store all your stuff. However, when you take advantage of the Cloud, it becomes a platform that will help you develop, innovate and accelerate your time to market. Just as Cloud, DevOps is not something you implement in one day. It’s a huge transformation, which takes a lot of time and everybody’s commitment. So, let’s forget the buzzwords and the fuzzy theory and look at how to put Cloud into practice.

Apart from being a very passionate presenter, Erik speaks from over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. After building his knowledge at Microsoft, Oracle, British Telecom and Cap Gemini, Erik joined Red Hat in 2014. His no-nonsense and hands-on approach will guarantee you lots of useful insights, tips and tools that you can leverage to your own digital journey.

Business Manager Cloud & Virtualization @ Red Hat