Christophe Bianco


Cyber Security incidents in the current threat and regulatory landscape – Lesson learnings and recommendations

During this slot we will review several cyber security incidents in which the Excellium CSIRT and SOC have been involved in.  In regards to the regulation and threat landscapes we will discuss the incidents that happened, why they happened and how the organisation reacted.  We will try to explain how these situations can be better handled in order to ensure a stronger resilience capability of the organisations.

Christophe is the co-founder and the managing director of Excellium Services. Excellium was founded in 2012 by the willingness of people active in the Information Security field for over 14 years. Before Excellium, Christophe has been vice-president and General Manager for the European, Middle East & African region of the Qualys society, leader in computer vulnerability management solutions. He regularly speaks at conferences on Information Security issues, analysis of the economics of cybercrime or evolving threats. He is trainer for about safety awareness in Luxembourgish organizations and speaks at Universities or business schools (Université de Lorraine, EDHEC Nice, IUT Metz, ...). 

Co-founder & Managing Director @ Excellium